Life does not always move forward as we had planned. Sometimes you must take a step backwards. Sometimes a turn to the right, or maybe even a hard pivot to the left. Life can change without any notice. With change, comes new adventures, or painful reality.

How you see the change is the view you have of the world.

This week I had a revelation. I am not quite ready to share this newfound joy. But it will allow me to validate my life, the life I have chosen to live, more than ever before. It also brings a strong sense of peace along with it. This peace in my life, I feel, is well-deserved, and peace should be a part of everyone’s daily life.

A pivot occurs when something suddenly changes direction, whether that be by choice or by circumstance. As I write this sentence, a thought jumped into my head. I wonder how often people create their own pivot in life, suddenly jumping and changing their entire lives in a new direction. I suppose we see it in the movies when a lead character leaves their family, moves to a foreign land, and tried to find themselves. My favorite movie, Eat. Pray. Love is about just that, leaving on an adventure in search of one’s self.

To me, that sounds delightful

Don’t be alarmed, I am not running off anywhere, in fact, I am running to new things, new ideas, and new tasks that will support me in those ways even without leaving the state of Minnesota.

There are changes in this current life that will directly impact those newfound joyous feelings, although maybe not in a positive way. It will be up to me to find a way to mitigate the tough stuff and incorporate goodness among the scary and unknown. I think it is up to all of us to understand the hard things in life, to work through them, but to find a base of happiness that will allow us to get through the hard times.

If we don’t have a base to work from, we are struggling adrift in a raft in an ocean. No anchor, no support – just adrift. It’s a bad way to live life.

Most tough life stuff is pretty easy to spot – an article I read earlier today listed the top 7  life changes – divorce, separation, incarceration, financial worries – I think everyone has been impacted by one or several of these issues. It comes down to how we work through these situations when they occur that makes us or breaks us.

Finding a path to calm is the key – enriching our lives with the struggles we face is the bonus.

I look forward to reaching out to all of you anew, with different perspectives, changes in life, and ongoing wisdom that I receive from your feedback and ideas. Understanding that a pivot can happen without breaking an ankle is a good place to be. Sometimes a pivot can hurt, but when it heals, the new path could be amazing.

We shall see.

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