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Life, your own life, was given to you to live. Because we have our own mind, our own thoughts, we are able to channel the directions that we send those thoughts, how we think, and what we do with them. 

We are lucky to get to share some of our own moments and thoughts here in the Authors Lounge, with our fellow peers and authors.

Often times it is easy to live your life along a standard set of rules, an already worn pathway. We go to school, get a job, find a partner, have kids/don’t have kids. Live your life, and pass on. Many of us are raised to think that there is a common path that we should follow to be successful.  

This life is often seen as predictable, stable and common. 

Sometimes something catastrophic happens, disrupting the path that you thought you were on. The death of a loved one, a partner betrayal, or a sudden serious illness. All of these can create a barrier to the path we thought we were to live.

Suddenly, the common life doesn’t exist anymore, and we have to figure out how to continue on with the broken chunks of concrete in front of us, the former path that was so predictable. 

How many of us can relate to the harsh realities that life can bring to our doorstep? Are there others here in the Readers Magnet Authors Lounge that can help to propel us forward? Out of the self-imposed walls that we erect to feel safe and secure? Walls that we create to stop the scary existence that we find ourselves forced to face? 

When our lives no longer resemble how we visualized things, when life interruptions create chaos and change, we can feel a sense of great fear and anxiety, having to move into a new direction, one unplanned, which can seem daunting.

But this new path, if we allow it some space in our life, can bring about amazing change that you never knew was possible. Change, even destructive, hurtful change, can put us on a path toward greatness. 

A path that leads to the unknown can sometimes deliver us to bigger and better things. Places, people, and work involving new possibilities may now be right in front of us, bringing new life to what felt like an unbearable situation.

New found greatness, connections to others, and new knowledge brings to us a world that was only opened up because we were forced into a situation that was new, scary and unpredictable. 

Living this journey can be painful, but finding others on a journey, like those in the Authors Lounge, can support us as we move forward into the unknown. 

What if, instead of waiting for something to interrupt the common path of life, we interrupted that path ourselves? 

What if, instead of assimilating into what is felt to be the “right path” with the “right people” we reached out past what is safe, into the unknown, finding passions and energy in news ways, not just the ones that we predicted for ourselves. 

When we pause, look around, and realize that life is passing us by, can we look at our life path and ask “Is this it? Is this what I want? Where I want to be?” 

Can we, without the trauma impact, disrupt what we knew, and find a driving force that takes us to live our best life? Without limits and with immeasurable possibilities? 

I think we can.  

With the promise of how to being to look into life possibilities after an incredible, life-changing diagnoses, I wrote Dying to Live Your Life (available on Amazon, and on my website LisabethMackall.com). The goal being to talk with others about finding the best YOU in a life along a stagnant path. 

I have lived through the dramatic injury and recovery of my spouse, spending night after night not knowing if he would survive. When he began to recover, our family was faced with reality that he would never be the same. The words “traumatic brain injury” became a common phrase in our household.  

Eventually we began to figure out new ways to make it through each day. To find new ways to cope with a new Dad and what we thought would be the NEW life path. We hoped it would be predictable again, something stable without worry. 

Raising children, finding purpose, learning and accepting new roles and paths in life were difficult, but nothing would prepare us for a new challenge heading right for us. 

That challenge had another scary name – breast cancer. Stage IV breast cancer. 

Dying to Live Your Life is a detailed walk along that cancer path. This story reveals the true, emotional impact. A cancer diagnoses can have on an individual and how through that journey new life is born. Understanding that amazing awareness of the world around us is can be found if we only pay attention. 

What I want for everyone to realize is that the wonders of this world are there, just waiting for all of us. If we just take a moment, just a second, to be present in the moments. Maybe you can help others find their moments in the Authors Lounge, with your own journey. 

I hope that you can find that life, the life we are meant to live, full of joy, and passion. 

Find your passion without having to live with life trauma. 

Live your life with strength, excitement and purpose. 

Just by stepping off of your path. 

Lisabeth Mackall

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