New moments. Old moments. Past moments.

Moments flash by us, we don’t even recognize most of them as our brain does not remember like a movie, it remembers events and moments like a snapshot. Within each day our brain takes photo after photo of what is happening around us, but how much do we really notice? How much do we engage with?

Stop. Look. Listen.

Stop – it seems easy to stop what you are doing, even for a few seconds, to take stock of what is happening around you. Really looking at the person you are talking with, taking a deep breath of the air, smelling the warm smell of your coffee. Whatever it is, a few seconds of stop can be incredibly rewarding, and on the plus side, is really great for your heart and soul.

When we pause to check things out, we are calibrating our body and brain. Think about what you are doing right now – are you sitting in bed, at your desk or on a bus? Are you slouched over perusing your electronic device and not looking around you at what is passing you by?

Well, stop. Look up. What’s happening around you right now?

For me, I am in a coffee shop in Elmhurst Illinois, where it is breezy and cold outside. I have been buried in work for several hours and my watch alerted me to stand up. I moved out my working table a touch and stood up. Boy, was I stiff! I stretched and bent this way and that way to loosen myself up and caught eyes with the barista and smiled. I noticed twin boys playing cards with their dad next to me, jabbering about the numbers on the cards and that the donuts were WAY GOOD! The crowd had shifted from just a few of us to a steady stream of customers buying coffee, pastries and chatting with one another.

It is life passing me by, and I did not notice being wrapped up in my own world.

Look around you, what do you see? Are there friends nearby? Trees? Trains? Dirt?

Do you notice the leaves falling off of the trees? Or the cars racing by on the street? Or the whimper of the dog lying on the floor, chasing rabbits in his dreams? We allow so much to whirl around us without paying attention. We don’t honor all of the greatness right here in front of us, instead searching for happiness and peace in our electronics, in the bars, in our work.

Not in our lives.

Listen to what is around you – yelling? Cheering? Distant chatter of people or close quarters of conversation? Are you part of what you hear? Are you plugged into your headphones?

Where do you go to hear peace? Do you have a peaceful place? Do you even remember what peace feels like?

Right now I hear the train rumbling by outside, the conversations of those around me and my music. When I pause, instead of letting them be in the background, I give them each some time to flow past me. I smile as I hear the laughter and animated conversations of the coffee shop workers, what a great group of people. They all seem to really enjoy their jobs, and their smiling has made me smile. The couple next to me seems to be having an nice time as well, talking and laughing with one another while looking at pictures on a phone. My music has paused, and I hear the heat whooshing through the pipes to keep us all warm.

When we are younger we all learned the stop, drop and roll technique to put out a fire. These days, it feels like so many of us are ON FIRE! I wonder if we could apply the same stop drop and roll understanding when we use Stop. Look. Listen. Would being more conscious and appreciative of what around us bring down the racing, often scary pace of our where we live? How we live?


I want others to understand that peace is all around us, we have just buried ourselves in the busy and work of life. Our ability to engage in our world has shifted from appreciating the sunset and the crickets to racing through the days working, playing, running and sleeping.

Where are the moments? Where are YOUR moments?

Pause, its okay. I won’t tell anyone you stepped off the crazy train of life for a minute. It’s okay. Give it a try. Check out another blog that supports taking a moment to find peace.

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