I never once said that I always make the best decisions, sometimes you just leap and let it be. This morning, well yesterday, I made an appointment to get my haircut. I am just hot, and my hair, which was just cut last week, is driving me crazy. So I decided to get it cut here in Italy.
We walk over to salon, which isn’t far from the apartment, and we are greeted with exclamations and hugs. What a charming way to start the morning. Mariah runs off with the manager of the salon for coffee, and I am left with the man that is going to help me.
English isn’t his strength, and Italian is my weakness, so we pantomime, with me stating that “I am so hot, can you just make it shorter? Just do what you want.”
Words that I do not regret, but words that led to my new Euro haircut. Short bangs, super short back, and some fun on the top.
Shocking but in a weird way, very liberating.
When I had to cut my hair the first time when I started chemo, I put on a brave face, and it was okay. I knew it was going to fall out, so why not just try short hair.
This time, my choice, my hair. And it has grown on me.
Haircut leads to coffee, hot chocolate and croissants, and a few more quant small places tucked into corners with antiques and history. I find myself wondering if every city has these spots, even my own city, has these places that you just have to slow down and pay attention to, and you will find some extraordinary things.
I am going try it when I get home, because it has been very successful here in Florence.
We get to catch up with some Dragon Divas (fellow teammates) in the afternoon, and start a tour of the Uffizi Gallery. We could have stayed there all day, listening to the history of Florence, the amazing artwork and sculptures, so overwhelming with the amount of it in one place. It deserved an entire day all by itself.
Dinner by the river with the breeze off the water, and a bike ride back towards home, we stop to admire the trees along the boulevard. High branches which current house thousand of cicadas, they lend a quiet to this busy street filled with traffic. Vines on the sides of the buildings add another element to our trip to the apartment.
Today was a day of noticing plants and art, nature and beauty left to the world by others.

Lessons learned today – Art history is fascinating to me. Remember to continue to explore that love.
Nature is everywhere, and even at home, it can be searched out an appreciated. It doesn’t take much effort to explore outside of your own front door.
Italy has great food, and I am going to need new pants.

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