Day 3 – The Day of Travel
We spent day three packing and organizing, shopping and moving.
Having some time in the morning to shop, we wandered through our now well-know neighborhood looking at clothes and small items to purchase for ourselves and others. It was a quick trip, as we needed to venture away from this charming area towards the airport, and we knew from our last experience with the Paris train station that we may need a little extra time to be sure we are headed in the correct direction.
Luckily for us, our trek to the train was smooth, ad we arrived at the airport with plenty of time to spare. Airports are fascinating areas of the world, mixing people into different combinations and putting them on transportation to jet them away to somewhere new, or return them to their home. Every airport is different, and we both marveled at some of the variables in people movers.
Leaving Paris for Frankfurt, and Frankfurt to Florence turned into the easier components of our journey. The fun really began with what I thought would be a long line for customs, and it turned out there was no customs. The long line of passengers waiting for the taxi’s however was true to fact. Eventually enough taxi’s poured into the area to grab those of us waiting to get into the city, although we were mildly concerned about the rate at which drivers in Italy deny red lights, walkways, or any other car in their general vicinity.
Fascinating to see everyone on the road agrees that they are the only driver that matters.
The drop off at our Airbnb feels simple enough, but we quickly realize that our departure from the taxi in the middle of Florence, at the incorrect address, is less than wonderful.

Although incredibly breathtaking in beauty and holiness, we are nowhere near our apartment.
And of course Google maps isn’t having any part of these tall buildings and crap Internet availabilily in a country foreign to my phone.
We start to walk. We walk by groups of families laughing through the piazza at 1:00 AM, lovers holding hands in the walkways through the buildings, past the shops closed for the night, and the surprising many that were still open.
The smells, oh so wonderful, drifting from the restaruants, it makes us both anxious for the morning when we can stop and eat anywhere we choose.
But for now, we must continue to walk on, for a mile or so, until we see our gracious host waving to us at the corner of Via Cirambue. What a charming host to wait so patiently for us, and in true European fashion, welcomes us to his place.
The apartment is charming, up five flights of stairs, and opens with a heavy metal key larger than my hand. The ceilings are high, the windows are tall, and we feel instantly at home in this space smaller than my bedroom at home.
It is perfect.
We say goodnight to our host, and contemplate showers and sleep. So much to see tomorrow, but so much gained on our travel day today. Never throw away the travel days, sometimes these parts of any trip can be the most amazing of them all.
Lessons we learned today:
Taxis don’t always know where they are going. But sometimes the journey made by the displacement is worth the aggravation.
Notice the smell of a new place, even if it isn’t immediately pleasant. We often only remember what we can see, but by adding additional senses to the memory, they are enhanced and deepened, like adding an extra layer of frosting to a cupcake.
We added lots of frosting last night.

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