I’m lucky – for so many reasons.

I have amazing support in my life.

I have a strong family, a strong will and a strong heart.

I have people that will stand by me no matter what.

I have a great job.

I have great doctors.

And today I got great news.

A clean scan means more time without fear.

It means I can do anything with less fear casting a shadow on my light.

But it’s never over.

Luck is just that, and it can change at any moment.

It’s why I choose to be, at all times, living out loud. Living a life of engagement, of purpose – a life that I know, when I face death, that I won’t regret.

I don’t need to think of death and worry that I didn’t live life.

Facing death last year made me realize that I need to ALWAYS live my best life.

Don’t let it take death to make you live yours.

Grateful for my good news today.

Blessed to be able to face tomorrow.

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