Excuses – we all have them. Over and over. We can all rationalize reasons why we do things, don’t do things, how we do them or the way that we do them.
My head is telling me that I want to recover, that I want to be strong, feel good, have no pain, and look great.
My head is also telling me that I ate enough vegetables already, that one more gummy bear is fine, and that I don’t always need to take the stairs at work.
Such conflicting messages that darn head is telling me. In truth, I can rationalize anything – we all can. It is called self-talk, and it can run our lives, for the good or for the not so good.
Life is a series of choices. Every moment of every day is choice.
Not true you say? Well think of it this way, other than essential body functions, we choose the rest of what occurs in our day. We choose to eat, go to work, watch TV, when to drink some water, whether or not to smack our brother, or to read a book. All choices.
Chocolate or broccoli. Run or sleep. Play or drugs.
All choices.
In the last week I have been focusing on my choices, and with that, I have found myself not being very kind to my soul. Negative talk, when I make a choice that is maybe not the best (those darn gummy bears) and I tend to beat myself up a bit. I get disappointed with my choices, and then I feel bad.
Now, that is not the way that I want to feel about myself. I am in control of my life and the choices that I make. So how do I frame my choices in a way that I am proud of what I have done, without shaming myself when I make some that maybe don’t follow my plan?
One of the ways that I improve this is the concept of more. Did I make more choices that I am proud of today than choices that I am not proud of? In truth, did I eat several meals full of fruits and vegetables before eating the gummy bears?
Yes. Yes I did.
Did I do some yoga, take the stairs and spend 10 minutes in the gym today working out?
Yes. Yes I did.
Did I do more for myself today than I did yesterday.
Yes. Yes I did.
So, I did more for myself. I did more that was good for myself. I did more that I am proud of today than less. I am moving forward towards what I want, and less of the things that I am trying to move away from.
That is a successful day.
Find your mores today – what did you do that was good for you?

What did you do that was what you wanted for yourself to live a better life – that you are proud of? That makes you focus on the best life?
We control our best life, we find the things that we are proud of.
Even the smallest thing can be the first of many.

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