Sometimes the most amazing gifts come out of nowhere. When it happens, breathe it in, let it simmer in your soul. Experience the true joy of the moment.
As part of my daily work, I am responsible for making connections. Connections for patients and families to care following a medical event, and connections for therapist to services that could be utilized for the patients that they care for.
Recently, I have been connecting with new organizations that are filled with many employees that I hired in the past. The past being before brain injury tromped into our lives.
That time in my life is precious, even though tumultuous, and I respect the teams and individuals that I worked with during that time. When times got tough, real tough, those people held me up while I began to navigate the world living with a spouse with a brain injury.
Today I reconnected with a therapist that I hired right before that time. A therapist, that in my mind, was destined to make a difference, somewhere, sometime, in his career. When doing interviews and meeting people, sometimes you just know.
Apparently I was right.
During our conversation, we talked about how funny it was to find parallels in our field. We laughed about my recollection of his interview process and that I thought he would move on to big things some day. I told him I loved to be proven right, and that I was proud of him for taking a huge career risk by leaving his previous job to join with a doctor to open a rehab clinic.
His response back to that was astounding. He stated that “he did it because of you.” That I drove him to seek out better, to be brave and that my words are what gave him the strength to do something more.
Even as I write them down, I am brought to my knees with overwhelming feelings. The impact of those words “I did it because of you” feels like bright light, heat and energy bursting through my entire being. It means that life, however difficult, heartbreaking at moments, is worth the risk. It is worth the pain.
It is worth continuing to move on.
Words do not do this moment justice, but I hope that you can find hope behind them.
I live each day with the guiding principle of living my best life – even more now that I have faced death. If my best life means that I share the hard, uncomfortable moments of my life for all to see, in the hopes that it helps bring a positive moment to someone else, then so be it. I will continue living under that guiding principle.
Because apparently, it makes a difference.
And that is all I want in the time that I have, to make a difference for someone.
I do not welcome the brain injury, the cancer, the hard times, the scary times – but I honor them. They are here, and are here, for many of us. Let’s find a way to embrace them, understand them, and use them to our advantage.
Life may not be the length we want, but it CAN be the quality we want.
Just believe.

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