I had a conversation today with someone that runs a company that provide household products to individuals that are looking for a way to decrease the chemicals and harsh products in their home. I already use many of these products, and have for some time, knowing that my cancer does not need any other reasons to come back. I am a firm believer that we can impact our health in many different ways, not only with standard medication and healthcare, but with many other tools that bring wellness to our bodies.
If you think about it, traditional healthcare, of which I am part of working in a trauma hospital, revolves around treating and preventing illnesses. Healthcare tries to do what it says, to care for our health. In essence, healthcare wants to make us better.
But wouldn’t it be great if what we did every day made us better? Made us not only feel better, but look better, act better, and just BE better people?
I think it can.
I don’t just believe that, but I try to live that philosophy every day. I try to be better, make better choices, live a better life, because it DOES make me feel better.
And when you feel better, you ARE better.
Even if everything else in your life isn’t the best.
Let me put this into perspective, and I will use myself as an example. When I was diagnosed with Stage III and then Stage IV cancer, I was scared. Really, really scared. And when that happened, I wanted to tackled my cancer with everything I could to make it go away. That meant that every treatment, every test, everything I thought I needed to do, I wanted to do.
I started looking up cancer curing diets, ways to remove chemicals from my home, essential oils, what not to eat, what to eat… It became every moment of every day trying to figure out what I should do to make myself better.
And it became impossible.
Because if there were a miracle combination of pills, medicine, foods and treatments to make cancer go away, it would be prescribed to all of us with cancer.
That is not how to get well.
Wellness is not only feeling good, but it is also a state of mind.
Feeling better comes with treatments, medicine, diet, exercise – all of those things that can make you better in general, but it is also how we feel, what we think, that makes us well.
When I reflect back to the really dark times of cancer treatment, and some of those revolve around the 6 months of chemotherapy that I went through, I remember how terrible it made me feel.
But I also remember the smiling I did, the laughing, the joking about my losing my hair, the absurdity of returning to work right after chemo, of wanting to be well.
There is something to be said for telling yourself you are okay.
Even when you may not feel it, some part of you will listen.
Wellness is a state of mind – sometimes your body comes along for the ride, and sometimes it doesn’t.
But when it does, smile and enjoy it. Be well. Pay attention to those times.
They are the best.

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