But I do think about the future, and the time has come again for the future to be a bit worrisome.

Every six months people that live in the cancer world are brought face to face with the “what if.”

The six month scan.

The first week of February I am faced again with a full body scan that will be looking for hidden cancer.

The same cancer that brought a two year journey of self learning and pain.

When I say I’m not worried, I feel that my statement rings with truth, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit to a few notes of fear sprinkled into these thoughts.

How can one be diagnosed with Stage IV cancer, survive treatment, and not wonder if something else isn’t lurking behind door number two?

You can’t.

Don’t be concerned my friends – I am okay. I know the risks and I make many choices every single day that support my plan to live a long healthy life.

Lots of fruits and vegetables.

Reduced sugar.

Decreased stress with meditation, essential oils, deep breathing and quiet.

Exercise every day.

Eliminating chemicals in my environment.

Believing that facing my death has allowed me to now live my best life.

Whatever may be, I know that today, every day, I am living my best life with love and joy.

I am only looking forward, with lots of plans and fun on my agenda.

That is my plan.

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