For someone that wants to be done with all things surgery and doctor related, a week with three doctors appointments and a call from the surgeon does not feel like things are done.

What was interesting is that now that my head is above water I have to think about things like the eye doctor, and maybe even a visit to the dentist. Because really, who has time for that when you are constantly in recovery mode?!

The surgeon call was a worry call on my part. This week has been marked by the right side of my abdomen feeling like it is being pinched in a large vice. Sometimes it feels too tight to even stand up, and to me it appears that there are even pockets of swelling. Since I stopped all pain meds (and blood thinners, woohoo on that one) I was starting to get worried about another famous Lisa Mackall complication.

Thankfully my surgeon put me at ease. Apparently the large internal stitches are most likely hanging out on a nerve, and they take 2 Months to dissolve. He asked how far post I was now and I told him three and a half weeks.

His response “And your at work already huh?”

I laughed. Of course I’m at work.

This type of abdominal surgery takes a few months to quiet down and fully recover. He was not concerned about any of my symptoms, so neither am I.

Moving on.

Blood clot is healing well, the nerve pain is gone, but the weakness in my thumb continues. No clear answer on that yet.

So as it stands, all things are moving in a good direction.

Still tired. Now that I am off the pain meds for the blood clot the tendon pain is returning. Hair is longer. Still wearing scrubs most of the time so my abdominal skin doesn’t hurt.

All in all improvements.

As for cancer, no sign at the moment. Scan again in February and the plan is it will be fine.

It better be. I have a date with the gym January 1 and cancer will not be breaking us up in 2018.

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