Some gains in my world tonight. Pain has been controlled since mid morning which means we may have figured out how to get through this tough healing process. With this gain comes the side effect of sleep. Sleep for me is always fitful – rarely do I sleep longer than 2-3 hours before waking up, sitting restless for a while before falling back to sleep. Late morning brought several medications to help stop the muscle spasms and relieve pain which made me groggy, and I slept for three hours.

I slept so hard I thought it evening when I woke up.

We kept the pain at bay most of the day which included another long nap in the afternoon.

I did not realize how little sleep I actually get every day until I finally got some solid blocks of sleep.

Pain is still well-controlled and I’m headed back to sleep.

If things stay stable I will get home today – and Home is where I want to be.

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