Tight night. Pain is expected, even welcomed at some level, because pain is part of the recovery process. No one has a complicated abdominal surgery and reconstruction without pain.

It’s the uncontrolled pain that makes it tough.

Last night I lived in a large pond of pain, and it took hours of changing and shifting to break the bubble and get my body to relax. An entire new process has been put into place to manage the pain differently, but with this gift comes the addition of another day here in the hospital.

For me, a minor loss.

I will miss AJ’s big game against Stillwater tonight. But leaving today is not an option if I want to get myself out of this giant canyon of pain.

Delays happen. I just am anxious to get moving with my life.

Praying for my body to brave the storm coming.

We are a team – my body and my souls – we just need to stay on the same page.

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