I am happy to report that the good news keeps on coming. Today I met with my plastic surgeon to discuss the plan for surgery this fall. I have been preparing myself for another long recovery period since the initial conversations involved some major repair of this giant wound scar along with completing reconstruction.

When we chatted today she checked out the abdominal canyon I call this scar, and since it has healed so well (well being a relative term I assure you, only she can say that and me not want to punch her) my recovery down time could be as little as 5 DAYS!!

5 DAYS- are you kidding me?? In my world that’s like 15 minutes. As long as I can stay out of the Emergency Room and have no more sidebar surgeries or infections I am on my way to a short stay.

The joy this brings me is almost immeasurable. To get to a point that I only need a small amount of time off and then to get back to life is almost too good to be true.

It doesn’t mean I get to go jumping back to working out. But even two weeks is significantly less than the 8-12 I was planning on.

Hear that sound? It’s the sigh of relief I just let out. I think I have been holding my breath for too long.

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