Typically I will start my posts with some pithy commentary relating to my title. I start out with something sassy and build from there.

Today I’ll I’ve got is that – thinking about tomorrow.

See, tomorrow is scan day. Tuesday is results day. Not fun words for anyone that has been diagnosed with cancer.

I don’t spend time worrying, but I will admit that I have been thinking about it. Wondering if I’m headed back to chemo. More surgery. Added pain.

As a positive thinker I promise I am not dwelling on it – but it’s out there today.

How much more can one take? I’m not sure there is an end, I think we as individuals can take and do much more than we think we can. It’s just easy to get wrapped up in the hard stuff.

I’m going to get going with my day – one son dropped off at his sisters, another headed to soccer, the third to work. I’m going to sit in my garden for a moment and appreciate the beauty of the morning.

And then move on.

It’s what we do – survivors – we just move on.

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