Things have been going well with just a little process issues. What this means is that every few days I had to have blood drained out of the expander site. Nothing to worry about, I just needed to be diligent about getting to my appointments.

Yesterday I went for a walk with a colleague during lunch. As we walked back into the hospital I joked with her about my left chest area felt like I was having a contraction. It kept going for a few more minutes and I decided to check it out in the mirror.

My breast had doubled in size, and was continuing to grow.

Very quickly I ended up in the ER and they called a rapid response (code for hurry up and get into this room).

My breast kept getting bigger and tighter and more painful. Apparently I had a hematoma around my expander.

We all agreed that emergency surgery was on the agenda.

So off I went back to surgery – not what I had planned for my afternoon.

So I am home, back in bed, and super irritated by this latest drama.

There is a positive in that I did get to keep my expander.

The hard part is we are supposed to leave for Chicago on Thursday for a soccer tournament.

Now what….

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