So boobs. Yep let’s talk about boobs.

So I’m trying to get mine back – a newer maybe slightly younger looking version than before. As part of that there are several surgeries.

Putting things in.


Remove and replace.

You get the picture.

The goal is to be able to feel comfortable in my own skin and my old clothes. That is why I chose to go forward with this type of reconstruction.

Last weekend while I was “resting” I pulled a muscle in my chest. I know you are all yelling at me for not resting. But I wasn’t doing anything at that time to hurt myself.

I was putting on my seatbelt.

So dumb.

Anyway, my chest was still bothering me on Monday so I went to see the surgeon. Because of my history, they felt it best to have an ultrasound and a needle aspiration of the fluid that was now collecting near my new expander.

Can’t seem to escape these procedures involving needles.

Procedure was a bit nerve racking but simple enough. He pulled 80cc of what the doctor referred to as “old surgical blood” out of the site, and today it is sore but probably on the way to healing.

Fun time as always.

Now if I could only life my arm above my head again I would be Golden!!!

Soon enough….

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