27 Dresses – most of us have seen this movie or at least know what it’s about.

A young lady is the caregiver to all, and has had that role for many years. In that time, she has been part of many happy events, mostly weddings, and with each one she purchased a bridesmaids dress.

As the story unfolds, her controlled world and space are invaded by two things – her younger sister, and a reporter, both of whom destroy her carefully organized life.

The reporter visits her home for an interview, and finds her hidden stash of bridesmaid dresses – each one with their own story. At first, she tentatively allows him to see her vulnerability by trying on one of the dresses. Eventually she shows them all to him, relishing in the memories of each wedding. Events that she was a part of, but maybe not always present.

As her idea of truth of her life is pushed past her limits, she is forced to realize that being “part” of life doesn’t mean just doing as many things as possible, or organizing the world.

It is the moments that are important.

Paying attention and living in each one, and not being focused on the tasks at hand. Engaged memories mean so much more than the selfies we take, the Snaps we send, or the posts we “like” on Facebook.

Life is meant to be lived – none of us know how much life we truly have.

I became aware just today of a path that I am following – a realization that I have already accepted, but maybe didn’t realize it was now the center of my life.


What about the dresses you ask?

Well, since my surgical mishap in the fall and the subsequent giant scar on my belly, I cannot wear pants. I spent the winter wearing fleece leggings, skirts and shirts. Comfy for sure, cute at times, but nothing that I can wear in the summer.

Historically I have not been a fan of dresses. I’m not much of a “girlie-girl” and I hate shopping.

But lately I have been finding myself drawn to more and more dresses. Bright colors, some short, some long, but all extra fun.

You see, it will be months before I can wear pants that do not have the word “yoga” in front of them. So why not embrace this time and go all out – and buy dresses.

So I do.

At least one a week.

I admit I had a dress “moment” two weeks ago and bought five.


But what’s great is that I LOVE them!! With each one I can remember why I loved it, where I bought it from, and how it made me feel.

My 27 dresses will be part of moments that I choose to live in.

Facebook has become my own personal dress show – yes I am a firm believer that Facebook knows all, and it shows me new dresses every day.

For me the moments matter.

I will spend this time feeling good and (hopefully) looking good as well.

Wearing my many dresses in comfort.

Now shoes. That may be a problem.

I still hate shoes.

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