I love having cancer – I really do.

You know why? Because it truly puts everything into perspective. I have spent over a year fighting, being sick, living with pain, surgeries, toxic medications and hospital visits, and I can honestly state that I am very happy.

This weekend I was lucky enough to spend five days in Memphis with my daughter and my mother. Now if you know anything about our lives, you understand that for both my Mom and I to leave town takes an act of Congress, flying my brother into town, and a lot of prayer that nothing will go wrong.

Well, lots of things did go wrong but none of it was vitally important.

What was important was the time spent with two of my favorite people. Although the trip had purpose – Mariah was presenting her research poster at an undergraduate research conference – the rest of the time was spent visiting gardens, hanging out and eating great food.

It was blissful.

And not once did I think about cancer.

Don’t get me wrong, things still hurt, hot flashes suck and my hair gets more ridiculous by the day, but I just don’t care that much.

This is my life – not cancers life – and I am living the way that I should be.

Full engaged. Having fun. Loving life.

Because that’s what we should all do every day.

You can spent time worrying, or you can spend time living.

I choose living.

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