The last few weeks have been a very slow return to what I see as semi-normal life. The days are filled with work, soccer, school and errands. I usually make it through the beginning of the week, but by the end of the week, I am wiped out.
I hear that it is normal, and it will be like this for a long time.
A year.
So how does one concede to having a few good days, and then a few days that you want to just crawl into bed, and stay there. Oh, and there isn’t really much sleep involved, just sitting still, resting and spending a lot of middle of the night time on Pinterest.
Nothing is normal, nothing is abnormal.
Life is moving along as it always does, and I am doing my best to continue to live life.
You know why?
Because this is just cancer.
Cancer doesn’t take over unless I let it.
Cancer doesn’t get to be in control, unless I let it.
Cancer doesn’t get to run my life, unless I let it.
So I don’t. Many days I don’t even remember I had cancer. Fatigue reminds me. Doctor appointments remind me. Pain reminds me.
But I don’t live with cancer.
Cancer occasionally interrupts my life.
Thank you for asking, I am doing okay.
I go to work. I work out. I do fun things with my kids. I hang out with Frank.
I only look forward, I do not look back.
I spent last weekend in the ER with pain. But testing shows that it is nothing major, more likely an adhesion caused by all of the surgeries in my abdomen. Not fun but not a big deal.
Just another day in paradise.

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