Hello out there! To start this off, I will tell you what I was doing at this time four years ago. 

At 2030 hours, my partner Joel Karz were finishing up Chipotle burritos. Steak  burritos, mild and corn salsa, cheese, sour cream, black beans,  and guacamole. We can’t forget about the chips and salsa. We ate at the Savage lunch room, with our new partner Eric Jech.

Following our dinners, we did some random patrolling. At ~ 2330 hours, Joel Kanz and I went to a house we were both very familiar with. When we arrived, the female caller informed us that she “lost” her husband. 

So Officer Kanz stayed in the kitchen, while I searched in the house for the husband. The house was a two level home. After I called out the second time, the husband walked out of the bathroom. I pointed the male out to the wife, and informed her that her husband was in the lower level, and asked her if she needed any further assistance. She replied that she didn’t, and we left the house.

This is the last memory I had for almost 6 weeks. I have the squad camera footage of the drive to our next call of a prowler. Apparently, a mother found a male trying to break into her daughters bedroom window. Joey told me that he went north on Highway 13, and I went East on Egan Drive. 

My squad camera begins recording as I pass McColl Drive. I activate my lights and siren at ~Connelly Parkway. While on 42 (Egan Drive)  reach speeds of 90+ MPH, because the first officer on scene to the prowler call got on the radio and said that he saw someone running.  I made a left turn onto Glendale Ave., and it appears on my squad video that my squad fish tails a bit. I slowly begin to ease up on the speed. As I approach the Junior High, a tow truck had pulled over to allow me to pass, my Crown Vic begins to fishtail to the driver’s side. I quickly tried to correct for this, but I must have over corrected. My squad spin 180• to the passenger side, and I slid completely across the roadway, jumped over the curb, and slammed into a tree at the B pillar of my squad.

The rest I’ve seen hundreds of times, because we have the squad car video from Officer Kanzs’ squad. Unfortunately, Joey forgot to activate his body mic, and we have no audio until Officer Jech arrives on scene. 

We have ~45 minutes of video for Joeys’ squad, audio from Eric Jechs’ body mic, and video/audio from a SavageFire Fighters’ helmet cam.

Throughout the video’s the only evidence that I am alive is the fact I was still breathing, and at one point, I am able to squeeze one of my partners hand at request.

After I am extricated from the mangled squad, Joey promptly goes behind a squad and extricates his Chipotle I talked about us having for lunch.

Following my extrication, I am airlifted to North Memorial Hospital, where I spent the next 84 days.

I look forward to sharing my brain damaged experiences with everyone who takes the time out of there busy schedules to read this blog about my TBI.

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