I will no longer be silent.

I will no longer hold my tongue.

It is not a matter of pride that I have remained quiet; not a matter of anger, loss or regret.  I have simply moved into a new phase, and focused on brain injury and recovery.

But right now, I am going back to why I am here in the first place – back to the beginning of a trauma, that brought me to where we are today as a family.

Law enforcement.

We go back, to those that brought our family into the fold as Frank started in his department.  The team that trained him, molded him to a better and better officer with each skills test, each new education program, each new certification.

The team that worked together, and played together.

The team that united together, on THAT night, to save Frank’s life.

A team of men and women sworn to uphold the laws and safety of others, even when you realize that the one that needs help is one of your own.

The team of individuals that would seek out the family of that officer, regardless of the fact that they had never met before, just to make sure that their BLUE FAMILY was okay.

The team that went to work the next day, their hearts hurting from the trauma and fear of losing of another officer, to go back to their communities, because peace must prevail, and the safety of others upheld.

These men and women, the ones that face daily hatred, ridicule, and offensive posts because they wear a uniform.

These people trying to turn the other cheek, face forward towards eyes full of hatred, and continue to serve communities with those focused on killing them.

These people – PEOPLE – gunned down because they wear a uniform.

Now I know I am stepping out, sticking my neck out where it doesn’t belong.  I can hear it now “Another police wife whining about officers dying when people are dying every day from police killings.”

I hear you. But do you hear me?

Do you hear the families of these officers, and officers everywhere, telling you that this will not be tolerated?

Do you hear the voices of the families in blue saying NO MORE. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

I am one voice, in an ocean of blue line families, saying enough is enough.

We are joined together, strong, forever, saying enough is enough.

Una Stamus. Forever Blue



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