We have all heard the saying “take it with a grain of salt.” This adage means to look at something skeptically, or to not take something too literally. Well that is how I am prefacing this current blog post – each of these posts are developed from thoughts, ideas, and conversations that I have had not just within the four walls of my own home, but with many other people from around the world. Each moment, each encounter, each short interaction can bring to life a new awareness, another path for a new post.

So why, do you ask, is this important to you as a reader?

Well, it is important to make that statement because Frank says it is.  His observations, our conversations, sometimes spurn a new post, article or blog.  However, not all of them come from our life, and for that reason, I am posting today, and asking that you take each update with a grain of salt.

Recently, I posted about some truths regarding brain injury.  Although many truths come to light in the life and caregiving to a survivor of a brain injury, not each truth pertains to each person.  Brain injuries, just like people, are different for everyone.

For us, life has been like a variety show – one day is never like the one before it.  There are days filled with highs, and days when we hit rock bottom; days that have order and predictability, and days that are a field of chaos.

And as I have always said, it is how we respond to those days that makes a difference.

Frank reads each post now – in the beginning, in fact for most of a year, he did not.  I posted vigorously about recovery and pain, paths and hopes.  As he became more aware, I tempered those posts, knowing that his feelings and privacy mattered, even in the midst of educating others and bringing awareness.

We are honest and open about our life, our struggles and how we jump the many hurdles that occur in our day-to-day living.  But not everything that is written has to do with our struggles – the struggles within the brain injury community are vast, but they are not all ours.

I do my best to honor the many families and friends with discussions about topics I know to be important to them, even if they do not pertain directly to us.  I am grateful that my education and clinical expertise falls within the realm of brain injury and neurological deficits.  It allows me to research and understand the questions that are posed to me each day, and bring some level of enlightenment to others living with the same issues.

I will continue to post about the trials and tribulations of our life, but know that not every post is about OUR life.  Ours is not the only life touched and hardened by brain injury – we have many others walking with us, trying to find the best way to navigate the journey.

As always, thank you for your support and comments. Feel free to email your questions to info@lisabethmackall.com or text us at 651-319-1916.

Una Stamus


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