Truly this question is not for all of you, but sent to me from many of you.

I am here, but not HERE.

I am being focused, but differently.

I am present, but absent.

But I am okay, and thank you for asking.

I have followed the paths of many “life-stress” bloggers such as myself.  People that had no plan to be online, writing about their lives, their pain, their worries or their fears.  People that end up pushed to the front of the line for whatever trauma may have hit them, and at the front of that line, they begin to speak.

Some speak to ask for help, while others speak to communicate.  Others speak out of loneliness and out of fear.  I found myself speaking to inform, and that information posting led me to the path of sharing.  I believe that my sharing saved my soul from infinite pain; the support and kind words gave me what I needed to wake up each morning and get on with what I had to do.

Like with everything else, life does go on. And eventually the bloggers may find themselves over it –  the usefulness of the blogging fades away, and the posts begin to space out, longer and longer time between each one, until the blog fades away.

I haven’t faded away, but I did fade.

Too many things happened in too short a time, and even I, the one who thinks they can handle anything, couldn’t handle it. Too much for me, too much for anyone.

I am here, and I am back.  I will be blogging more about brain injury, our life and stories, and where the world is going with individuals living within this new life. I have more speaking engagements lines up, I am open for meetings and appointments, and I look forward to hearing from all of you.

Thank you for your patience and your worry. Una Stamus

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