Wisdom  imparts itself on us when we least expect it.  Tonight, as I don’t find sleep coming to me easily, I think of all of the wisdom I have gained in the last few years, learning not only from others, but from myself. I know my blog has usually been either brain injury related, or Frank updated related, but today it is reflection, based on life, and to ease my busy mind, I am writing it down.

This weekend was another time of gifts – time for giving and receiving, sometimes at the exact same moment.  I was given another honor this weekend, in that I was asked to speak tot he 2015 graduating class of physical therapists from the University of MN.  I considered this a high honor, for two reasons – one, that I was chosen to impart wisdom to these new therapists, and two, that they thought a speech therapist was the perfect candidate for the job. Although amusing, I took my  job seriously, and felt that it was important for me to pass along some of the  wisdom that has been handed to me these several years.

In my speech I talked about the gift of giving our time to others, and seeing people, as people.  Both of these pieces of advice have been blessed on to me and my family, and I want others to know that although simple, they carry a great deal of weight. When giving time to others, we are telling someone that they are worthy, that they deserve to have time given to them, which in turn can be the biggest gift of all.

In spending time with those student this weekend, I hope they know that their time has value, and when giving it to their patients, they give their patience that value as well. It is time well spent.

The wisdom of supporting and giving to others may be difficult to see sometimes, and I find that the flow of those around me is shifting again as we make another large change in our lives.  Although I could not imagine leaving our home, we will be doing so in the near future, to a different house, with the focus being to keep the family together, and give one another the space needed to make that happen.  I find myself sad by this change, although excited for a new adventure.

But sometimes I wonder how many new adventures I can take in this lifetime. Life is certainly not predictable – but I am fairly certain no one promised me that it would be. I think of those around me sitting within a storm of change as well, and I can only give them the wisdom that I have been given; change happens, life continues, and we get to choose how we respond to those changes.  Our response to the change is what makes us who we are – so what do you choose?

I choose to figure it out. I choose to make plans and stick by them.  I plan to honor my commitments and my pledges. I plan to work at this life, even when it is really hard to see the road ahead.  I choose to believe that my life has meaning, and to give my all to making my life meaningful.

I choose to move forward.

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