Giving up.

You might be thinking to yourself “this is not going to be a typical cheerful blog day”. Not that all of the posts that I write are cheerful, but I think that most of the posts that I write have a message of hope to them.

When I talk about giving up it does not mean throwing up your hands and walking away – but those lives lived with a brain injury give up many things on both sides of the equation.

Families give up time together to keep the peace; parties and social events that cause fatigue and headaches; Christmas celebrations and family reunions.

Survivors give up jobs, sports, leisure activities; they give up friendships that don’t understand, peers that leave, and they give up hope of every being normal again.

Spouses give up sex lives, best friendships, time alone and time together; they leave jobs, lose friends, and lose themselves.

Kids give up a parent, loving connection and security.  They give up hope that the real Mom or Dad will come back, and the imposter is here to stay.

Vacations, choir concerts, baseball games and graduations.

Fishing trips, tennis matches, rough-housing and home improvements.

We give up, not because we are leaving, but to survive another day with moments that are livable, functional, and doable.

We give up so we can stay together.

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