I noticed today that the weekend went by in a blur – time seems to be moving faster again for me, which is a clear indication that life is moving on.  As much as everyone tells you it will happen, and you don’t believe it, it eventually returns to a more typical pace.

We seems to be back at that pace.

Now I will clarify that does not mean that I am working 12 hour days or spending my weekends on the computer.  Days and weekends are VERY busy, but they are family focused busy, at a pace that seems more familiar.

Our weekend started with a presentation at the MN Brain Injury Alliance conference, and ended with another round of house hunting and soccer practice.  Life is good, and it is what we knew before, with some significant purposeful modifications.

Time is not allowed to just leach away without meaning.

Children are not allowed to go to bed without hugs, encouragement and knowing that I am engaged in their lives.

Frank knows that I am with him, through thick or think, regardless of how the day started or ended.

I spend moments each day telling myself that life is good, people have my back, and each day is another day to make good on my promises.

These are good things. and even if they don’t look much, they mean a lot to me.


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