The future moves towards us whether we are ready for it or not.

Today is just another day in the life, yet we can spend that day either dreading the outcome, or trying to make it a better place for yourself, your family, friends or colleagues.

Knowing that the future is uncertain is a given, right?  You would think so, but I know many people that really don’t spend much time projecting forward, instead focusing on the here and now…

I choose to live my life that way as well.  Life, when challenging, brings you to awareness in a shorter space of time.  People that live in the moments often bring time closer to themselves, not to limit what they do or see, but to focus on what is happening right now.

My friends living within this world understand that moments of joy and happiness are to be celebrated, and moments of hardship and stress can be viewed, but let go, because very soon another moment will arrive, and with it, an opportunity for things to be better.

Know the joy of your moments, and let go of the painful ones – I was reminded again this week of how precious life can be, and how many moments we miss when we aren’t paying attention.



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