December 31st and January 2nd passed us by with little drama – although in our house we all know what those dates mean, we are currently doing our best to just lean in towards the future.

Frank will be able to thank so many of you in person at the retirement events planned this month – our goal has always been to give back to those that gave to us.  We hope that in the future that if there are families, friends or others that we can walk through a dark time that we will be made aware of those opportunities.

As so many of you have done in the past, always feel free to reach out to us with a need, a question, a prayer request or just a hello.  Getting feedback and greetings from all of you has brightened our days for the past three years.  Thank you for each of them.

As we transition, the blog will also transition as well.  Don’t worry – I will still update on Frank’s change and path as I think he enjoys getting notes of encouragement from all of you.  As we continue life working with the brain injury residuals, we will work together to find ways to live with an injury that although invisible, is certainly a part of our world.  There are more blog/radio posts coming soon, plus a survey and updates on brain injury research and literature updates.

Take care everyone – we wish you a blessed New Year and a 2015 filled with adventure and love.

Una Stamus

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