In our world we spend a lot of time waiting – waiting for healing, waiting for insight, waiting for results.  Life often becomes a waiting game for us, and it is a game that we are all sick of playing.

Patience may be a virtue, but it is sometimes difficult to remember that philosophy; we are done with this ongoing process, and we are ready to open a new door.  Knowing that we are all in this boat together, I can see the shift occurring with our entire family – there is a feeling in the air in our home of a willingness to move things back to “normal”, whatever that may mean for us now.  Joining old clubs, returning to work, preparing for an increased level of activity and planning that will be required as we settle into new schedule.

Although Frank does not have his new plan ready and waiting for him yet, he is also ready for a new focus in his life.  Individuals that are used to having a day full of movement, agendas and focus do not enjoy this life of fluid nothingness – very few people count waiting to heal as something that feels like “work.”

We are fortunate to be facing these changes with a positive focus, knowing that there are so many families still struggling to just make it through their day.  Living life in the world of yelling, memory loss, fear and frustration is daunting; families that struggle to make ends meet because life is spent supporting a family member instead of working live in a constant state of anxiety.  The disparity that I see with support for families and individuals with brain injuries makes me angry; my life path is now to find a way to make a difference for these families.

I am here for you; I will be working for you.  I want to take my life experience and blessings and find a way to make this life path better for everyone.

A brain injury is hard enough to live with and it shouldn’t be made harder by those that are here to help.

I look forward to being back in a position to working with families full-time, and allowing for time to be with my family to give them the time that they deserve from their wife and mother.

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