November for us will be a month of extreme change – change as the weather shifts to colder temperatures, change as I go back to work full-time, change as we head into the holidays, and change as we walk through the final weeks of testing and decisions regarding Frank return to work with the Savage PD.  We are ready – individually and as a family – to have some closure to this point of our lives and to move on to the next phase.

Living in limbo is the life for many people that survive daily in a recovery or injury cycle.  There are constant appointments, medications, therapies, or in many cases, just trying to live with what has happened, and finding a way to make it through each day.

The cycle for us is 2.9 years, and when we talk with others, we find people at the beginning of their brain injury path, and others living life at 20 years post.  Each has a story, fears and triumphs, and we are lucky to get to be able to share our hope, stories of sadness, ups and downs with so many of you.

We know this month will be difficult – change is always hard, especially when there are so many unknown components to the decisions.  We can just pray for the best, and know that we will be led where we are supposed to go.  I still believe with all my heart that we are guided on our path, even if we don’t know why we were chosen for this life.

For those at the beginning, the moments can be hard to face.  Remember to breathe and that you will sometimes need to measure time passing in minutes instead of hours.

For those many years out from their injury we are astounded by your strength and determination, even when you have a bad day, because truly, we all have bad days (weeks, months.)

For those living in the middle, where we are, we are all here together, trying to get through to the next moment of clarity and expectation.  Today will be a day of revelation, just like yesterday, and although scary sometimes, it will bring with it ups and downs, and my goal will be to remember the ups, and let the downs slide away.

Una Stamus everyone

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