Each and every day there are choices that can be made – we all make choices when it comes to what we eat, what we wear, where we are going and what we want to do.  When we make a choice, it changes the course of the day and where we are heading.  To get where we want to go, we have to make the choices to get there.

When you have a brain injury, many of the choices that you want to make are made for you – or the choices that you make are seen as poor, misguided or inappropriate.   Family and friends become worried, angry or scared with the choices that are made, and life can quickly turn negative and fearful.

Finding a neutral path can be exceptionally difficult when you are dealing with worries of the family and a brain that may not make what seems to be rational decisions.

An individual with a brain injury cannot always see the impact of the choices that they make on those around them, or on the safety for themselves.  It is the inherent nature of a brain injury to not be able to process information, remember specific details, and understand how a choice can cause problems. Pushing an individual with a brain injury to change course, or change a decision, can make this person feel as if they have no control over things in their lives, and if they cannot understand the reason why the changes are necessary, it becomes a battle.

Finding a way to neutralize that battle is the main goal for so many families living within the world of brain injury.  There are no easy answers; finding a way to make a single decision and allowing other decisions to go by may be a way to get through the day.  It is important to allow someone living with a brain injury to have as much control as possible in their own life.

We all want to have some control in our life.  If you are living with someone with a brain injury, what can you do to give them back some control in their life?

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