Life keeps changing for everyone; no one gets to sit in a corner and live without the changes of each day, even if they are small changes.  For me the changes seem to come in waves – calm and then many things changing at once.  I am sure that part of that happens when I get busy with many things and changes just seem to mean more when they happen at a busy time.

The current change is a reorganization of the things that I am doing with my life and how I continue to reach out to people.  I created my Wellness and Life Coaching opportunity to give people a different way to reach out to me for support and assistance, and it has been a wonderful experience.  I will always be thankful for those that reached out to me and allowed me to enter their life for a brief time.  Thank you to all of you – it has been a blessing to me to be part of your life.

As I walk towards a different path, I have become more focused on the needs of families and individuals with brain injury, and the impact that has on anyone living with a brain injury in their life.  Because of my prior career as a speech pathologist, my understanding of brain injury is both in the medical side and the care giving/family side.  I plan to continue that path as I focus on education and interactions that focus on brain injury, family connections and long-term recovery and life plans.

I hope that I continue to have your support as I work to understand where I am supposed to be in this very different life that I lead.  It has been an interesting year moving from a great new opportunity to understanding that my path truly belongs with brain injury support and education – thankfully, wellness can continue to be a huge focus for me on this path as well.

As always, my heart lives also with the law enforcement family that has been with me since day one.  Just last night I was able to tell our story to the International Association of Law Enforcement Police Chaplains – such a wonderful night with people that I have not seen since some of those very first days.

You can still find me at Brain Injury Recovery – The Mackall Family Journey on Facebook, as well as my website at  Thank you again so much for being here with us on our journey.

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