Typical beginning to the school year and transition – absolute chaos for about two weeks, and then the calm of quiet hits the moment everyone transitions out of the house.

I haven’t written for several weeks – it isn’t because there isn’t anything to write, but I realized that being overwhelmed to the point of having to focus on breathing some days means that writing gets put away.  Unfortunately, I know that writing and discussing the trials and tribulations of our reality helps so many others, and brings welcome feedback to us that helps to get through both the good days and the bad days.

I remember many conversations over the last few weeks with families and friends that are living with a loved one with a brain injury.  Life is so hard – so hard that families are falling apart.  People are leaving, families are separating, children don’t want to be with their families any more.  The life that we had planned is no longer the life we are living – and no one is happy, especially the individual living with the brain injury.

There are services available in our communities, but I understand as well as anyone else how hard it is to find help, trust the help, ask for help, and finally to take the help that is offered.

My goal in touching base with all of you today is to let you know that I am still here, fighting the fight every day with all of you.  Whether living with a TBI, struggling with work and life, dealing with fear and uncertainty, we are all in this together.

Be brave, ask for help, and stand together.

Una Stamus.

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