I am supposed to be heading out to see a patient, but I find myself watching the Facebook feed and the stories about Officer Patrick and those supporting his family. It brings a lot of emotions forward for not just me, but for all law enforcement families that face this reality every single day.
My children, especially my nine year old, are asking a lot of questions about the “why and how” of this situation. He wants details about the stop, the chase, the SWAT team and the arrest. Many of these questions are very specific, and it makes me realize how incredibly different our family is than those of our neighbors. This child still watches Aquanauts, yet he knows the bad guys are out there. I am pretty certain other families kids don’t ask if the bad guy used a handgun or an assault rifle.
Kids don’t have to play violent video games or watch violent movies to be exposed to scary killing and death.
They can just be part of a family that gets up every day to fight against the bad guys, and sometimes, the bad guys don’t get caught before something devastating happens.
My kids, having lived through their own scary event in law enforcement, want to know if the kids are okay. They want to know how old they are, where they go to school, if they are boys or girls, and who will be bringing them dinner every night.
In our world, when the LEO gets hurt, people bring you dinner, all the time, for what feels like forever.
So many of us are feeling such emotion right now – our kids, that are watching and learning, also understand that this is part of our world.
It can happen – and when it does, reality comes to rest in our heart.
God Bless all of you today – remember that life can change an instant, whether living life on the thin blue line, or living in your own neighborhood.

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