The weight of the world rests on me. If I am not here to keep control of all of the strings and threads of everyone in my family, life will fall apart.

That is what individuals that are suffering feel like – as if life will end if they cannot juggle all of the pieces that they are trying to control. Being over-extended, buried with work, managing work, kids and life can be too much for people, especially people that do not ask for help. Some individuals can handle this crazy life, running at high speed in the fast lane, and others just can’t keep up – and truly, they shouldn’t try.

I am watching people close to me hit this wall right now with the transition to summer, family crises, fatigue and fear. Individuals that fall into these categories can only live in this world for so long – eventually the wear and tear of these situations become too much, and those around us suffering with these burdens break under the pressure.

When life does not follow an expected path, when it changes course too sharply, it can be easy to fall over in the transition. The goal for all of us is to figure out a way to get through the change without completely tipping over.

I have had my fair share of falls lately – I don’t turn my back away from how that feels, but I certainly do not enjoy it when it is happening. I would much rather be able to focus on the good all the time, instead of being hit with the bad hard enough to knock the wind out of me. But it is true that you can’t always live in happy – appreciation of what we have comes with truly understanding what it feels like to be unhappy, and the return to a calmer peaceful state is appreciated more when it comes following a time of hardship.

I pray that those of you that are feeling the wrath of hardships know that those among you that hold your heart in their hands are there to walk you through this current strife. Those people – the ones holding more of the cheerful and strength cards at the moment – are often in some unlikely places, places you may not have thought to look for comfort. Be mindful of those that carry those cards, they are givers and healers, friends and even foes that can pass along some of those cards that they hold.

Try not to dwell in the hard – find the light, the good and the safe.

Breathe through these moments, because this time will pass, and new moments will continue to come that need your attention.

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