There are so many things that change in an instant – life changes without notice, without warning, and we have to decide which way to turn when the path in front of us abruptly ends.

Our path following my husband’s brain injury did change – and when it changed, we chose to follow the path that was presented before us.  In no certain terms will I ever say that things have been easy.  Life for us has been a lot of change, adjustment and at times, great sadness.  We have been very lucky that along this path there have also been many moments of joy, laughter and great awareness of God and faith.  With each difficult time we have been blessed with others of fun; each tear met with laughter, each worry paired with a blessing.

Tonight we were met with another sadness – our dog Polly, a gift to the kids during a time when life was scary and uncertain, was injured in her mad dash to ensure that her yard was safe from intruding squirrels.  One long trip to the emergency vet revealed a torn ligament in her knee.

Difficult for a human to recover from, let alone a two year old dog.

Life has become uncertain again, and it is seen in the fear and anxiety of children still living with the impact of an injury to their souls almost two years ago.

“I am not going to baseball on Wednesday Mom.  If I had been home Polly would be okay today.”

“Why is everyone in our family getting hurt?”

“How can I go to school when I know she is hurting, I will never make it tomorrow?  I am so scared, Mom.”

These words, spoken by children that have lived through a trauma reveal that the trauma is still ever present.  An injury to one precious to them has brought back every bit of the prior accident.

It is painful to watch.

Tears are flowing and life has hit another hard curve.

God willing we will make our way through this time – tonight will be spent sleeping on the floor with this sweet dog hoping for the best.


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