It feels like it has been such a long time since I have written any type of update on Frank’s healing and recovery.  To be honest, things have not been really exciting on that front as the healing of a brain injury takes years to recover.  We have just been living in the process of healing, and trying to be mindful of our relationship and one another.

In February Frank started to notice some bruising on his toes, and this seemingly innocuous blue toe syndrome has led us to a visit today with a cardiologist.

When we started this journey on January 2, 2012, I never imagined that we would be spending time visiting a doctor that could lead to surgery.  The medical professional in me understands that things can happen. I think of a high impact crash and the body stopping suddenly.  We know how the brain was injured, but what about other parts of the body?

We will find out more today when the cardiologist tries to explain what all of these new symptoms mean.  I will be honest that I have really not worried about this until I remembered the appointment this morning.  Worrying is not something that I typically spend my time doing. However, I do feel some worry hanging around today. Funny that I am also writing an article today about anxiety medication.

I am thankful that we are part of a large community of people that have spent time praying for Frank. He has healed from this crash – the healing continues, but we seem to have taken a detour that has caught us off-guard.  I will keep you posted about the new developments.  We pray that this is nothing, and that this will just be an interesting conversation with a cardiologist.

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