Home tonight with the kids – one in bed asleep, one watching TV, one at school and one at driver’s ed.  The most important one isn’t home.  Frank is at school tonight, taking some classes to improve his EMT skills, and to continue working on his recovery plan.  The house is quiet, quiet it like it use to be…. before.

It is interesting to have those flashbacks, those feelings of “rightness” about him not being home at night.  We were all used to him not being around – the kids knew that Dad was on duty if he wasn’t home, and it was what our life was like.

interesting that they ask “Where is Dad?” now, and when I tell them he is at class, the response is always “Oh yeah, that’s right, kinda weird not having him at home now again at night.”

It is accepted, Dad isn’t home at night, and the night settles in quietly, just like it did… before.

We know life is different, we know that none of us are the same, but tonight, we are all okay.  Life is okay.  Dad is okay.  We are all just doing what we do at night here in the Mackall house.

And it is okay.

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