It is a new week – today is 1-13-14 and for many it is the beginning of the focus for the new year.  In our house that is very true.  Our oldest heads back to class, one of the boys has his first math league of the new year, and both Frank and I begin new adventures.

Frank is heading back to school to begin paramedic training – another trial in this course of recovery, but a good one with a purpose.  Navigating through a classroom process can be trick for anyone, and for those that have not been in school for a while, it can be even more unnerving.  Frank is looking forward to having something to do that feels purposeful – I am looking forward to him working through another phase of his recovery.

Today is the beginning of my new adventures in life coaching.  I am really excited and grateful to have this opportunity, and I still find it amazing that my life has taken turns to bring me to this place.  I was talking at length yesterday about this journey, and when I look back on the path, and where we have been, I cannot believe where life has taken us.

Life is a gift, even in the hardest times.  Our trials are different than others, but each of us has our own trials.

I thank you for guiding us here today.  I hope you understand the help that you provided to us.  I hope that we can honor that by being the best that we can be.

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