Life moves on around us even when we may not be looking forward.  I always found it interesting that life continued on even when I was buried in my own life trauma, unable to see anything in front of me.  One day I looked around and realized that not everyone had been swallowed up into my world – life still went on around me.

Sometimes it is hard to find your way out – I remember days that I was buried under emotion and stress, unsure of how to put myself in the car to drive to the hospital to see Frank.  I remember saying to myself “Just put your head down and put one foot in front of the other.”  It is a trick that I used when I used to run; when I saw a hill, I would just put my head down, and not look forward.  I would focus on one step, then another, then another until I was at the top.  I could always do it, but sometimes the view from the bottom was just too much for me, and I had to move forward without focusing on the end result.

We all know people that are sitting in that space; the space of stress and worry.  The space that doesn’t allow for forward movement from that individuals perspective.  I have lived it and I know as much as people wanted to help me move forward, the only person that could do that was me.

But I didn’t do it alone.

I had very special people in my life guide me on the path – people that knew the importance of what I like to call “supportive independence.”  This means that an individual is moving forward on their own, with some guidance along the way.  Think of it like bumpers at the bowling alley – you move forward in the right direction, but there are those on the sidelines there to bump you back on the correct path.

Life coaching can be like that – sometimes there just needs to be someone there to guide you a bit on the path forward.  Knowing how that feels gives me a unique perspective; it helps me to know when a bump is required vs a listening ear.

I hope that you all have those people in your life that can be a bump for you.   If you know someone that might need a little guidance, I would be happy to help.


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