It is hard to believe that we are heading in to the night that two years ago changed our lives forever.  Although I think that it is easy to say that we have all survived and worked hard the last two years to be strong for one another, it does not change the fact that two years ago there was a knock on my door that changed everything.

I don’t expect things to be normal, or back to the way things were so many months ago.  We knew there would be changes and we knew there would be a lot of hard work, and hard times.  We have weathered both of those, and we also know that there is more to come – recovery can be that way, ongoing and never ending.

As always, there has been a league of people waiting in the wings to support us when we needed some help, and people that gave us so much when we said that we didn’t need anything at all.  We are blessed to be part of a City that believes in not leaving a brother behind, and a community that comes to that aide of a family when they are in need.  We didn’t know that we were part of this family until we needed them – then, they showed themselves full force, and have not left.

We know that there are many families that live with traumatic events in their lives that go it alone – it breaks my heart when I hear of someone suffering alone, without any help.  Those calls bring me back to the moments of realization that my life as I knew it was gone forever, and the life before me was daunting, and full of fear.  I know that I cannot be the one that helps every family in need, but I certainly want to be the one that helps someone in need.

We can all be the one to someone.  I know that I can be the one to many people for the rest of my life and it will not come close to giving back what we received.  I can only keep doing it, for as long as possible, and hope that I make a difference for someone, as so many of you made such a difference for us.

Thank you again for being here for us – it is a hard day for me, filled with amazing anxiety and fear, even when I tell myself there is nothing to fear.  Today, my heart is over-ruling my head, and I can only give in to the truth that we are held together by our faith, our commitment, and our family.

Una Stamus to you all – and to all a good night.


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