Each connection makes a difference for someone else.  Pay attention to the people around you. You will notice that the little things that you do each day can make a huge difference for the people around you.

Today, we bought Caribou for the people behind us in line. I held a door for someone as they walked through. Smiled and said hello to someone that was frowning. I laughed with someone that we just met over the phone.

Each interaction brought a bit of light to my day. But you never know what it might have meant to someone else.

As the New Year comes again we face another anniversary of life changing. Think about what you want to do in 2014 to make a difference for the people that cross your path.  You have the power to bring unprecedented change to someone, even with small acts of kindness and respect.

Try to bring change to someone else.  Be the one that brings a smiles, some hope, a laugh.  Become that one person that makes a difference; you can make a difference with your time.  Pledge to be the one.

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