A busy weekend before a busy holiday – I know most of you are running around crazy busy just like we are, trying to get as much done before the holiday as possible.  Some are surrounded by family and friends, some are traveling to destinations far and wide, and some are home, just trying to get through another holiday season.

We know that process of just trying to survive another day, another minute, another holiday – it is not easy for anyone that feels there is no reason to celebrate, to be happy, to be joyful, or thankful.   Feeling alone in the world, whether truly alone with no one around you, or alone in your heart, is still alone.

And no one wants to feel alone this time of year.

Remember those around you that are alone – whether by choice or by fate – and call upon them, even if they have told you that they do not need you, and that they are fine.

The definition of FINE goes something like this – FINE is synonymous with excellent, firs-rate, exceptional and outstanding.  When someone says they are doing fine, do you really think they mean it?  If I was feeling excellent and exceptional, you would know it.  I would tell you I was doing GREAT!!  Fine means – I am here, in front of you, and I am just trying to make it through, but you asked me how I am, so I am going to tell you that I am just fine….

Been there, done that.  Still do it sometimes even now….

Be conscious of those around you right now that tell you they are fine – it is a code, a not so secret code, used by those of us that are trying to make it through, living each day, and don’t want you to worry about us.  But we are trying, so you get to hear that we are fine.

Check in, make sure that those around you saying they are fine have some cookies for Christmas, that they are invited for a meal, that they know that YOU are thinking about them, even if they refuse the initiations.  Remember those that are lost, that are working hard to stay above water, that are alone, or that may need you.

Be purposeful and pay attention – FINE is not a way to spend the holidays.  FINE is not a state of mind.  FINE is not what they really feel.

Be the One that makes a difference for someone that is feeling fine.  As for me, I am feeling great, and praying that if you can read these words and that you are feeling fine, that you know I am always here to move you out of that box.  The box of FINE is no way to live, and there are lots of paths out.  But sometimes you have to find someone that was feeling fine to bring you out – sometimes that path has already been traveled, and by taking the hand of those before you, your path can change from fine to great.

Grab a hand, and let’s go – together.

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