It is amazing to me that it is already the middle of December… again.  How these years go by so quickly is unreal to me; I think it means I am getting old, as someone once told me that as we get older time seems to go by so much quicker.

I sure do agree with that right now.

Looking back, I cannot imagine that we have lived almost another full year since the crash that changed things so much.  When I walk slowly through that time in my mind, I can see the many wonderful events that have occurred, the people that we have met, and I am humbled by the things that have happened.  It is just hard to believe sometimes that life does go on, even if we are not ready for life to keep going on around us.

Our lives continue to go on even though we still face some unknown information.  I know many people want to know what will happen now as Frank comes to the end of his second year of recovery.  What we know is that the professionals that make those decisions feel that he is still recovering, and that he should be given another year to continue that recovery before major decisions, like retirement, should be made.  By saying that, they believe that he is still making enough significant progress that we shouldn’t give up on his future – not that there was ever a doubt of that happening anyway.

Mackalls don’t give up.

The City of Savage – Frank’s family in blue – has decided to wait it out and see what happens this year.  This is a blessing for sure and a show of support that he doesn’t take lightly; a show of support that we as a family can be honored to have been given; an honor that is unfortunately not gifted to everyone.  The waiting will continue for the decisions of the future, as healing progresses, and things on some fronts remain uncertain.

Thank you to those that have asked how things are going, and for those that send notes of worry in my direction specifically.  This is always a stressful time of year for everyone – not just families that have had hard times during this season.  We hope that people take the time out to help others right now, and to step back for a moment, and realize that the power to make a difference lies in your hands.  That difference can be wielded for good, or for bad, and it is up to you to decide what type of ripples you plan to make in those around you.  I would love to be a Pollyanna and think that we will all be “cheerful and bright” but I know the truth.

I ask that you remember those families of the fallen this time of year – and I use that term with a wide net.  We all know families that have made the ultimate sacrifice – military, law enforcement, fire – the list is endless of those that make the decision to run towards the danger, and in doing so, have lost their lives.  Alongside of those individuals, there are the multitude of families living as we are, in transition and limbo, of those heroes that were injured in the line of their duty, and are no longer with their brothers and sisters.  Reach out to those families and understand that the pain of injury is sometimes easier to live with than the pain of the loss of their teams.

To all of you I send my wishes of peace; we are in this together.  Una Stamus.

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