I believe in so much these days – the inherent goodness of people, the kindness of a stranger, and the compassion from others that have lived where you live, walked where you have walked.

I walk a path different from most, but similar to many.  I walk the path following a life changing event, a path that no one wants to follow, but many are put there by circumstances out of their control.  I walk the path of change, and in my world, a path layered in blue.

I do not take days for granted; I do not wish for the next day to hurry up, move faster, finish up.  I live the moments that I have, and look for the good, and try not to worry about the bad.  One can lose a lot of sleep, and miss a lot, by focusing energy in those directions.

I feel that people truly want to be helpful, want to give to others, and want to do what is right.  I think it is the world around us, and the attitudes of some that can pull us in another direction, and make us do and say things that may not be true to who we are.

These days, I live in the moments, and I try to make the moments important.  I watch others perform acts of kindness every day, and I smile at them, and know that if others would just watch the world, they would see them too.  Instead, with heads down and in a hurry, people miss those moments, and instead, plow through the day, making themselves unhappy and negative, and then they let that energy spill over to others around them.

Try to find your joy – I am asking for those around you, and for those that may be in your inner circle.  Those that are living within my circle often find my thoughts to be worrisome; I feel comfortable expressing my concerns for others, and sometimes, people become concerned for me as well.  My rant the other day was an expression of concern for others walking on the path with me.  Some have made the ultimate sacrifice, and are living without their hero.  Others are walking alongside their hero, injured but not gone, and make daily adjustments, decisions, and sacrifices in their life that they could have never imagined they would have to make.

They ask for understanding and compassion – know that days living with loss can feel never ending, and these days, near the holidays, can be some of the worst.  Be kind to those you know are struggling and know that they need some of your compassion.

Compassion is meant to be given away, not stored.  Compassion in storage is useless.

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