Today is a day for many to give thanks – thanks for their families, their health, their children and their friends.  Today many want to take a moment to remember what they have, and to be thankful for those people currently in their lives.

And then they go shopping.

I have no opinion regarding the frantic shopping fest that so many of my friends participate in the day (or few hours) after Thanksgiving.  The line standers, couponers, and go-get-it shoppers that I know are diehards; they wait for no one and often have teams of shoppers with them coordinated through their smart phones.

I love to hear the stories of what was purchased, how long the lines were in which stores, and who didn’t get what they were looking for.  We all certainly see the commercials, get the emails, and listen to the ads on the radio about where to go to get the best deals.

We don’t shop after Thanksgiving, and that is nothing new for us.  We typically spend the day picking up Christmas trees, decorating my parent’s house, and eating leftovers.  The kids find friends, or work on Christmas lists, or play games throughout the day.  It is peaceful, or at least as peaceful as our house can be.

We are enjoying the time together, always conscious of those that are in our circle that are not with the ones they want to be with – many of those taken too early, from illness, from injury, or from their jobs.  Those that have lost their lives this year in law enforcement are always in our thoughts, as we continue to live within the circle of blue.

We pray that all of you take the moments given today – on the day of Thanksgiving and the start of Hanukah – and relish in them.  Each day can be a day of thanksgiving if you take the time to make it so – and to give someone else a moment that they may need.  Remember today, and pay it forward tomorrow to someone that you know may need that hug, that check-in, some of your time.

Remember that you, with your gift of time and engagement, can make the difference for anyone in your own circle.

Be the one.  Give freely.  Give often.

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