I am sorry that there has not been an update; I am not keeping people in the dark on purpose, but there is no true outcome that I can send out at this point.  As a family, we are just doing what needs to be done every day, and waiting as the process works itself out around us.  We have no control over the time frame or the outcome.

We are grateful to you all for checking in – I think that knowing so many people are cheering for Frank makes the wait easier.   We already know that he continues to improve, and that he has made significant improvement since the last assessment.  Frank’s injury was severe, and for him to continue to improve as much as he still he is 22 months after the crash is nothing short of a miracle.

For me, this time is the hardest – when Frank crashed I was alone in my fear and grief in my head.  I lived there and poured it out onto paper.  Frank was also alone, in the dark, without the ability to make sense of the fear, or the pain, or the darkness.

Now we are here, both of us living through the fear together, and in some ways it is harder.  No one wants to see their partner hurting and worried.  Instinctually when that happens, we go into protect-and-make-it-better mode.  But in a situation such as this one, that has been such a long process for both of us, the strength reserves that used to be full are now dwindling, and trying to be everything to everyone is no longer possible.  It has caused an inward shift, toward our home, and our family, and most of all, towards Frank.

Right now nothing matters more than Frank. And God knows he loves the attention.

All joking aside, the transitions that we have been through have all been nerve wracking – this one is no exception, and maybe the hardest because of the intensity of the situation.  We ask for prayers of strength and courage.  Whatever the outcome in the next few weeks, this isn’t an end, but another transition to the next phase of this journey for the Mackall family.

Thank you for being here with us as we walk towards the next fork in the road.

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