It is funny to watch the Christmas stuff roll in everywhere, when we have not even worked our way past Thanksgiving yet.  In our household the transition occurs Thanksgiving weekend, when we bring home a Christmas tree, or two, from up north, and begin the transition to the big holiday in our house.

Christmas in our house has always been a big holiday – big as in tons of gifts, sure, but also big because there were always so many people around, regardless of blood family or not.  Although some years have been smaller than others, there are always people here in our home, welcoming in the holidays, eating food, and spending time together.  For me, that was always the best part.

Not that I am knocking the visits from Santa, the piñatas, or the gifts.  They were great too!

This year, just like last year, we will have a party that will include many of the same people that I have celebrated the holidays with for years.  These people are family, and no matter that we don’t see each other much throughout the year, during the holidays, we try to spend some time together.

Frank and I are still spending a lot of time together, and while we are together, we are still waiting; yes I know you were hoping to have an update.  Nothing so far, and truly, when we get that update, it will be hard to put into words the outcome of the information that we receive.  There are so many ways that the testing information can be taken, and whether or not we can make things work is still to be decided.  Whatever the outcome, we will make the changes for the best, and figure it out as we go along.

As you all begin the transition into the holiday season, just remember the reason for the season.  We work hard to not get too wrapped up into the craziness of gifts and all, and instead focus on the important stuff – family, friends, spending time together and remembering to live for the moments.  The moments we pay attention to are the moments that can change your life.

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