There is change in the wind.

Not just change in the weather, but change in life.  We all have cycles of change, and if you have been following us for any amount of time you know that we are preparing for a change in our lives as well.  Change is important – life would not be well lived if it was always the same.  Some changes we embrace, some changes are inevitable, and some changes are just out of our control.

The changes for us can go in a few directions; we certainly wish it to go one way, but we are preparing for things to go in a few different ways.  With our luck, the change will be in a direction that no one could have predicted, and we will be thrown for a loop once again.

The one change that I am looking forward to is a shift here on the website – now don’t worry, there will still be regular updates on how we are doing, what is changing, and what is happening with Frank.  I have no delusions about why most of you are here – you just want to know how Officer Mackall is faring, and when he will be back to work.

The changes here on the website will begin to reflect the direction that life has taken me personally.  As the events have unfolded in our lives, many of you have commented on the trauma process that was clearly evident in my writing.  As things moved forward, and life moved on, the trauma smoothed itself out, became part of my life, and I worked through it (and continue to work through it) like anyone does that has to keep going.  There are many life lessons that I have learned during this process, and I have put them together into a workshop.  This workshop, which is titled “Living Your Life After…” is for anyone living after a difficult life event – divorce, death of a child, illness or trauma; There is a life after, and a way that we can grasp the lessons learned during that event to bring us forward into our new lives – even if that is kicking and screaming.

I hope that some of you will join me at one of my workshops, if only to say hello, and to allow me to say thank you.  I look forward to posting the dates soon.  If you are interested in hosting a workshop in your area, please contact me at

I am going to leave you with a moment that I had today – it was amazing in its innocence, and one of the best possible moments I have had in a long time, and I hope that I can paint the picture of it for you to give it justice.

I stopped at a gas station on my way back to an appointment to grab hot chocolate and a donut for Tommy.  As I stood looking at the donuts, I turned to see a small child, about two years old, standing next to me wrapped in a pink blanket.  “Hewwo” she said to me. “Hi honey.”  “Donuts, mmmmm.”  “I know, donuts are good.”  “Yep!”  Her Dad peered around the corner, and felt the need to explain to me why she didn’t have a coat on – apparently she refused, instead wrapped herself in her pink blanket to come to the store.  This child, reminiscent of Cindy Lou Who, proceeded to talk to me about her shoes, the bananas, the pop, and multiple other items in the store.  I finally stopped myself with a huge grin on my face, and stooped down to her level to better chat with her.  She loved that, and proceeded to dance around me.

As I stood to leave, she waved and said “Bye” and I returned her Bye.  I turned to walk away and she said something I did not hear.  I turned back and she looked at me and said it again.  “KISS!”  Almost in tears, and still with my huge grin, I walked back over to her, and kissed her on her sweet blond head.  “Yes!” she exclaimed, and smiled at me.  I turned to walk back to the counter to pay for my items.  Saying “bye” two more times, I turned to walk out, only to see her by my side one more time.  “Bye, bye, bye” she said to me again while grinning from ear to ear.

“Good bye sweetie” was my reply, as I turned and walked out the door.  I could still hear her laughing and saying “Bye” as I headed to my car.

There is nothing more delightful than a child’s attention.  Too often we brush it aside until it is almost forced upon us.  How many times have I been doing something that I put ahead of my child when they say “Hey Mom, come look at this!”  How many moments have I missed being “too busy?”  I try to not miss those moments, to focus on what is important, and today, I was given a moment as a gift.

I delightful, pink, Cindy Lou Who, gift.

Thank you for my gift, my moment, today.

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